16-ft v3 5/9 Dome (Climbable) (Light)


$ 2,250.00

This dome is 5/9 of a sphere

Assembly Time: 90-180 minutes

Spherical Diameter: 16ft

Shipping to Continental US: $300.00

Pickup in Chattanooga, TN - free(email edgedomes@gmail.com to arrange a pickup order)

Please allow 3-4 weeks for fabrication and delivery.

Height: 9.5ft

Max Pole Length: 3.5ft

Floor Sleeping Room: 10 people

Weight: ~235 lbs

Floor Area: 188 ft^2 

These domes are idea for camping or as a gazebo you can hang your hammock in. Made of 165 pieces, you can put it up with your friend in around an hour.  With a max pole length of 3.5ft, this dome will fit in the trunk of most cars.  The shorter length of the poles also makes this dome climbable(though not as much so as one of the jungle gym domes.  Comes in 5 bundles of poles.

*dome structure only - does not include tarp cover, hammocks, or floor mats

*assembly required

Fitted Covers available soon! Email edgedomes@gmail.com if you're interested in purchasing a prototype now


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