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EdgeDomes is returning to Mulberry Mountain!

I'm really excited to let you guys know that EdgeDomes will be returning to Mulberry Mountain this year for Backwoods Music Fest.  We'll be providing the Spiritual Healing Dome do the Festival, as well as renting out domes and dome spots in Camp Domeville.  For more info on dome rentals,...

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Covering a Greenhouse Dome

Just wanted to share some research on a couple of ways to cover Greenhouse Domes.  I'll update  The easy/quick way: get cheap greenhouse plastic and cut it to fit/overlap, & tape it with waterproof tape. Another solution is to shrink wrap your dome with industrial/marine shrink wrap.  This shrink wrap...

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UF Hang 2015

So back in April, we packed up & headed down to Gainesville for the University of Florida Hammock Club's Hangout.  We met some great people and had a blast hanging out with everyone.  They put together a great video for it, check it out:

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