About Us

Based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee!


EdgeDomes began in June 2013.  At the previous Bonnaroo, I had slept in a tent.  When the sun came up in the mornings, it got HOT!  I needed a way to sleep in.  So I made a couple of these cool little tripod hammock stands, and tarped over them.


Worked like a charm!  I was able to stay cool in a hammock, airflow going, I can feel the breeze under me, no baking in a greenhouse of a tent.

So, I'm walking around on Friday, happy with my little setup, and I see someone with one of these dome things, and a few hammocks in it.  I thought, "This is how I wanna camp at a festival!"

So I got home from Bonnaroo and started doing research.  A week and a half later, my first dome was complete, and me and my crew were on our way to Rothbury Michigan for our first Electric Forest Festival!  10 of us travelled there in 3 cars for 15 hours.  As we began setting it up, we starting getting some weird looks from some of our neighbors.  

"What is that thing?"

"Watch and find out."

The dome became our home for the weekend.  It drew people like moths to a flame.  Everybody wanted to know about it, find out more, or just come hang out in it.

"Where did you get this?"

"I made it."  

"Where can I get one?"

"...you can make one yourself?"

Not really much of an answer for most people.

So I started carrying this dome around festival-to-festival.  All the time people were asking questions.  A few people paid me to make them a dome.  That's when I decided I wanted to let anybody be able to camp in a dome with their hammock at a Festival, and EdgeDomes was born!


If you build it, they will come.


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