21-ft v4 Dome(Jungle Gym)(Thick Pipe)


$ 6,400.00

This dome is 7/12 of a sphere

Please allow 4-6 weeks for fabrication and delivery.

Shipping to Continental US: $500.00

Pickup in Chattanooga, TN - free(email edgedomes@gmail.com to arrange a pickup order)

Assembly Time: 3-5 Hours

Spherical Diameter: 22ft

Height: 14ft

This dome was featured at the Main Stage at Wakarusa Music and Arts Festival.  A huge jungle-gym, this dome is designed for people to climb and swing around on, and can hold 10-20 hammocks as well.  As shipping is expensive on this one, contact us directly(edgedomes@gmail.com) if you would like to arrange for a pickup or delivery.

This dome can be built at 3 different heights: 14ft, 10ft, and 6ft.


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