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UF Hang 2015

So back in April, we packed up & headed down to Gainesville for the University of Florida Hammock Club's Hangout.  We met some great people and had a blast hanging out with everyone.  They put together a great video for it, check it out:

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EdgeDomes will be back at Wakarusa!

I'm proud to announce we will again be doing an art installation at Wakarusa Music and Arts Festival!

Our crew had an amazing time out there last year meeting all of you, and we can't wait to get back on the Mountain again this year.

We will be installing 3 large Geodesic Domes this year. These installations are interactive, sustainable, and visually-pleasing. The domes will be used as a hammock lounge, a shade-structure, and as a shelter in case of rain. We will also have an aerial hoopist on our crew!

The geodesic dome is considered to be a very efficient means of enclosing space. A sphere has the highest volume to surface area ratio of any three-dimensional shape. This means that material costs can be minimized without sacrificing interior space. A half-sphere allows for a maximum amount of floor space for a given surface area. The rounded shape allows air to circulate naturally around the dome.

Geodesic domes are extremely stable structures. This is partly due to the fact the triangles, which are naturally stable polygons, are used throughout. This is one of the reasons triangles are so popular in homes, buildings, and bridges. In a geodesic dome, these triangles eliminate the need to include load-bearing walls without sacrificing stability. In addition, its curved surface offers a natural layer of protection from high winds and other environmental stresses. Geodesic domes have been used in such places as Antarctica where wind speeds can reach 200 miles per hour.

Be seeing you guys on the Mountain!

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Contest: Win a free Geodome Rental at Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, Wakarusa, or Counterpoint

EDIT: And the winner is Sara Denton from Alabama!  Congratulations, Sara, and see you at Bonnaroo!

Contest Time!
The Festive Owl is teaming up with EdgeDomes to give you + 7 friends the chance to take your campsite to the next level, by winning your very own Geodome rental: at either Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, Wakarusa or Counterpoint!

Follow steps 1-4 below for your chance to win.

The winners will receive a 17 foot Geodome personally setup at their festival of choice by EdgeDomes. The dome can hold 3-8 hammocks, and will give you the ultimate festival retreat. It also includes construction and deconstruction onsite for your crew!

How to win:
1. LIKE EdgeDomes and The Festive Owl on Facebook.
2. LIKE this post.
this post.
4. TAG your friends. (More friends tagged = more chances to win!)

Bonus Entries: RE-TWEET this tweet for additional entries-

You MUST complete steps 1-4 and like both EdgeDomes and The Festive Owl. We can not contact you unless each page is liked.

That's it!

Fine Print: This contest does not include tickets to the events listed. Only the rental, setup and deconstruction of the dome for the winners selected festival is included. Facebook is not affiliated in any way with this contest.

Winner will be contacted Sunday, March 15th.


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2014 Album

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Welcome to EdgeDomes!

Greetings!  I'd like to welcome you to the new EdgeDomes website.  We have upgraded our product selection and, in addition to geodesic domes, are now selling Hammocks and Hammock Accessories(I tell ya h'wat).  We are now using a new platform called Shopify that will allow me to easily add new products and have discount codes.  You will also be able to check out now without using PayPal.  Be sure to check us out on facebook at



I'll be posting updates on here from festivals we are at.  This weekend is HOLLAween festival( at Cherokee Farms in Lafayette, Georgia.  See you there!

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